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Basics Steps of Septic Systems Installation and Maintenance Tips

Learning about the process of installing septic systems is a good idea if you plan on building a new home. The experienced team at Roto-Rooters has installed many different septic systems for homeowners living in Victorville, Hesperia, and Apple Valley.

Here is a basic overview of using septic systems installation services.

  • Site Preparation

Site prep is the first stage of installing a septic system. Understanding the type of soil, water table, and other factors will determine the type of septic system that’s best for your home. Getting a PERC test may be necessary to determine the soil absorption rate.

  • Health Approval Process

The next step is to obtain the necessary licenses and permits for installing a septic system. The team at Roto-Rooter can take care of this for you. Getting all of this approved beforehand is essential before any work can be performed on the installation.

  • Excavation and Installation

Excavation involves getting exact measurements to dig a large enough hole that will allow the tank to easily fit inside. Afterward, a licensed plumber at Roto-Rooter will finish the installation process for your septic system.

  • Final Inspection

A final inspection occurs once everything is finished. The inspection ensures that your septic system meets all safety standards and that everything is working correctly. After the inspection is complete, the septic system is covered up with dirt.

  • Tips for Septic System Maintenance

Taking care of your septic system is critical in keeping problems to a minimum and extending its lifespan. Scheduling routine maintenance each year is a great way to stay proactive and avoid any issues. It’s also important to avoid flushing any other items besides toilet paper to avoid clogging problems.

Limiting heavy traffic around the drain field and keeping it free of trees is essential to ensure that it works efficiently. Reaching out to a plumber is a good idea if you notice any potential problems, as they can often prevent any small issues from turning into a much bigger and more expensive problem.

Get Septic System Installation in Hesperia, Apple Valley, & Victorville

Roto-Rooter specializes in installing and maintaining septic tanks for customers throughout Victorville, Apple Valley, and Hesperia. Our team prides itself in offering top-quality services and meeting the needs of our customers. We also offer drain cleaning and other plumbing services. Contact Roto-Rooter today for septic system installation!