December 01, 2018 by

Drain cleaning can be difficult when you’re attempting to remove debris from your plumbing equipment. Our team at Roto-Rooter has helped homeowners across the country reduce their drain cleaning costs through our professional expertise. In this latest post, we’ll explain our guidance for reducing costs.

Know what can and cannot be flushed

The easiest way to reduce expensive drain cleaning requirements throughout your home is to know what can and cannot be flushed down the drain. For example, you should know that most flushable wipes are still damaging to your home plumbing, and there’s no guarantee they will be safe to flush. Remember also that placing grease down the sink drain can lead to plumbing clogs over the long-term. You should also ensure that your bathroom and kitchen sinks are fitted with a drain catcher to prevent hair and other debris clogging your pipes.

React immediately to a back-up

When water backs up within your home, this is a clear sign that you have drainage issues. The problem could be related to debris within the pipes or it could be due to a frozen exterior pipe around your home. The most important action you can take is to call a professional the moment you notice the problem. The professional can react by taking a look at the problem and then removing any debris they find. This will help you save on large-scale plumbing work for the years ahead.

Book a consultation

When looking at ways to reduce your drain-cleaning costs, make sure you take the time to book a consultation with a trusted specialist. The specialist can identify performance factors that can improve your drain issues and remove long-standing and costly problems in the future. Ensure the company you select has local experience and can to any emergencies on short notice.

Our experts at Roto-Rooter have the expertise to handle any drain cleaning project using cost-effective techniques that secure your system for the long-term. To learn more about our company and the complete range of services we provide, please call today.