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Professional Commercial Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service in the High Desert

Quality Commercial Plumbing Services in the High Desert – Victorville / Lancaster

Commercial plumbing requirements differ from residential plumbing requirements in many ways. The configuration and guidelines followed to tackle commercial plumbing systems vary in multitudes from their residential counterparts. The fixtures and piping in commercial plumbing systems are far more complex and sophisticated than residential systems. Also, frequent usage renders commercial bathrooms more susceptible to damage that can be mitigated by preventive maintenance every now and then. Timely inspections of commercial plumbing systems can eliminate costs from potential repair.

Professional Commercial Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service

A plumbing problem or emergency may disrupt a business’s functional routine. The undesirable situation, even though temporary, can have an impact on its customers or revenues. Losing out on customers or revenue due to inevitable plumbing emergencies can be dealt with by seeking assistance from a reliable 24/7 service. Roto-Rooter, a trusted High Desert plumbing service, allows customers to easily schedule appointments to repair, maintain, install or inspect a commercial plumbing system in Victorville and Lancaster.

Services offered:

  • Minor plumbing issues such as repairing a broken fixture to full-fledged pipe replacements.
  • Pipe blockages that are cleared through high pressure water-jets, which can clear silt, grease, sand or debris build-up in commercial pipes.
  • Drain and sewer cleaning operations for commercial buildings.
  • Septic pumping to professionally and safely disposal of waste materials that accumulate in basins and septic tanks.
  • Inspection of leakage, waste material buildup, obstructions or broken fixtures through high-resolution cameras to determine type of plumbing service required.

Need a Victorville plumber now? Call us at 760-245-2947 any time of the day or night. We are here to help you with your residential or commercial plumbing or septic problem.

Roto-Rooter High Desert also has an office in Lancaster to serve your plumbing repair and maintenance needs. Call  Roto-Rooter Plumbing in Lancaster at 661-948-1048.