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Water is precious out here in the desert, but there are more reasons than you might think to focus on water conservation – particularly if you have a septic tank. Reducing your water usage can also reduce your need for a septic system service in Hesperia. After all, the less water flows into it, the less often it’ll need to be drained or repaired.

So there really isn’t a good reason not to focus on water conservation in your everyday life. We’ve got some handy tips for how to do this, without causing yourself too much hassle.


Five Easy Ways to Reduce Water Usage in Hesperia


1- Take shorter showers

In most cases, your shower is the fastest way to waste water in your house. The typical US shower pumps out over two gallons every minute! If you usually take showers that are ten minutes or more, you are really paying for the privilege – and so is your septic tank. Just chopping a couple minutes off your shower time can make a big difference.


2- Only run full washer loads.

Whether talking clothes or dishes, the principle is the same. Don’t run half loads; they just waste water. Wait until you have enough to fill up your washer for most efficient water use.


3- Get any leaks fixed quickly.

Don’t ignore water leaks in your house, even if they seem minor. They can still waste a gallon of water, or more, every day. Likewise, if you ever find water or water-stains somewhere they shouldn’t be, take time to investigate the cause. The repair bill will be smaller than what you’re paying for wasted water.


4- Don’t flush so often.

As the saying goes, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow.” If you only flush when there are solids in the toilet, you’ll save a lot of water and a lot of strain on your septic system.


5- Consider low-flow fixtures.

Modern low-flow showers, sinks, and toilets save water without any real inconvenience to you. They might cost a bit of money to install, but over the course of a few years, they’ll more than pay for themselves in terms of water savings.


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