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In a lot of ways, a home’s plumbing is like a body’s circulatory system.  Water is necessary in virtually every room in the house, and keeps many of your vital appliances running.  And just like the body’s arteries, there are plenty of things to keep things flowing well.

With our years of service in the Victorville, CA, area, Roto Rooter High Desert knows a lot of tricks for extending the life of your plumbing and piping.  We’re here whenever you need us, but there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent unnecessary service calls.

Five Ways to Keep Your Plumbing Working Properly

1. Avoid overuse of store-bought chemical products.

While they’re safe for occasional use, drain-cleaning products such as Liquid-Plumr, are extremely hard on your pipes.  The caustic chemicals in them which break up clogs will also erode the interior of the pipes and, if used too often, can lead to additional leaks or even early pipe breaks.

2. Keep your floor drains clean.

Whether they’re in your basement, laundry room, or anywhere else in a house, floor drains are one of the most common sources of foreign objects in a home’s plumbing system.  Don’t overlook them just because they’re not at eye-level; be sure to keep them clear of debris and other items that might get pulled in.

3. Don’t strain your garbage disposal.

In-sink garbage disposals are convenient, but they’re easy to overuse.  Remember, everything sent through a sink disposal still ends up in your pipes.  They should only be used for small scraps left on plates and bowls.  Anything larger should go in the trash to prevent clogs.

4.Avoid flushing anything foreign besides toilet paper.

We cannot stress this one enough.  There’s probably no bigger cause of clogged toilets and sewer lines than foreign objects being flushed.  Literally the only thing that you should ever flush, aside from what comes out of your body, is toilet paper.  (Not even tissues or paper towels!)

5. Don’t ignore small changes in performance.

Broadly speaking, your plumbing should work the same way every time you use it.  Even relatively small or seemingly-inconsequential changes in its behavior, such as water pressure changes, or shifts in flushing speeds, can indicate growing problems that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Call Roto Rooter High Desert

Whenever you have any problems with your plumbing and drains, always call the professionals at Roto Rooter High Desert. Our certified and insured Victorville, CA, plumbers will get the job done right, the first time.