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Depending on your usage, septic pumping in Apple Valley, CA, will probably need to be emptied out every 3-5 years. It may be necessary more often than that if you have a very high-use location, but such situations are fairly rare.  Most of the time, if someone needs septic pumping more often than that, it’s because they’re making some mistakes when using their septic system.

It’s important to always keep in mind that a septic tank is not a sewer line, and must be treated somewhat differently. Understanding these differences can go a long way towards ensuring you don’t need septic pumping any more often than is strictly necessary.

Four Great Tips for Reducing Septic Pumping Issues in Apple Valley, CA

1. Don’t Use Any “Off the Shelf” Tank Treatment Products

A septic tank relies on a very careful ecological balance to work properly.  Micro-organisms processing the waste inside are an integral part of the process.  It’s also very easy to disrupt them, especially if one starts pouring chemicals into the tank.  It’s very rare that such treatments are ever necessary, and if they are, that should be determined by a septic tank professional.

2. Try to Avoid Sending Chemicals down the Drain

Going along with #1, keep in mind that anything going down your drains will go into the septic tank. Harsh cleaners like bleaches can also disrupt your septic tank’s ecosystem, and significant disruption can cause the tank to stop working correctly.

3. Reduce Water Use 

The less water that goes into the septic tank, the less often you’ll need septic pumping. Utilizing traditional water-preservation techniques doesn’t just save you money on your monthly water bill, it will also cut down on your pumping jobs as well.

4. Flush Nothing That Isn’t Meant to Be Flushed

Sewer systems can accommodate far more foreign materials than a septic tank. Basically, you shouldn’t be flushing anything into a septic that doesn’t come out of your body aside from toilet paper. Virtually anything else risks clogging the system or, again, disrupting the ecological balance inside the tank. This includes items like sanitary products, or even paper towels, which could be safely flushed into a sewer.

When You Do Need Septic Tank Pumping…

Call the Apple Valley, CA, experts at Roto-Rooter High Desert!  Our expert plumbers are available night and day, and ready to tackle your septic system problems!