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There’s no two ways about it:  Septic service in Victorville is costly, time-consuming, and annoying. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes a necessity, since a septic system must be serviced at least once every 3-5 years depending on its usage.

However, that doesn’t mean you should need extra septic service beyond the regular required septic draining service. When cared for well, a septic system should function fine without the need of additional septic service. If additional work is needed, it’s very often because the system is being strained or poorly-maintained in some way.

Be aware of the things NOT to do with a septic system, and you’ll greatly prolong its lifespan between regular services.

The Five Cardinal Don’ts of Septic Systems

1. Don’t ever flush foreign objects.

This is the biggest cause of septic system woes. Absolutely nothing should go down the toilet aside from what’s supposed to. Even products which say they’re safe for sewer systems are not safe for septic tanks. Anything besides toilet paper and bodily waste can potentially clog or imbalance your septic tank.

2. Don’t use more water than you need.

Besides being a good idea for water conservation, extra water usage puts extra strain on your septic tank as well as reducing the amount of time it can go before the next draining.

3. Don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals.

Most chemical household cleaners, such as bleach or Drano style products, can seriously disrupt the ecosystem within your septic tank. Avoid using them whenever possible and look for more gentler alternatives instead.

4. Don’t use off-the-shelf septic tank treatments.

Frankly, we don’t know why companies are even allowed to sell these. They rarely work as advertised, and are likely to do more harm than good. If your tank does need a treatment, that’s something for qualified septic tank professionals to determine and administer.

5. Don’t overuse your garbage disposal.

Remember, food sent down your kitchen sink disposal unit still ends up in the septic tank. This can easily lead to clogs, or problems with the ecosystem in the tank. The bacteria often aren’t capable of breaking down undigested food, so rotting food in the tank can really cause problems.

If You Do Need Septic Service, Call Roto Rooter High Desert

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