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Victorville, CA-February 11, 2016—Plumbing problems rarely come out of nowhere. There are almost always warning signs that point to a potential problem, and ignoring those signs is what causes a minor inconvenience to become a major problem. Roto-Rooter brings residential customers a new layer of protection with the addition of several prevention measures. By utilizing the prevention tools, customers are able to address small problems as they arise, rather than waiting for a catastrophic pipe failure.

Free leak detection is now a standard part of Roto-Rooter High Desert’s sink drain plumbing services in Victorville, CA. Roto-Rooter inspect the water lines around the house and the property, searching for areas where a slow leak might be hidden. A small leak does not cause a noticeable drop in water pressure right away, but it will slowly cause damage to the home’s foundation, create mold, or expand until the pipe bursts. The leak may go weeks or months before it is found by traditional means, and then it might be too late to avoid serious damage. Finding the leak during a plumbing service call allows the plumber to repair a small piece of the pipe, instead of replacing the entire length.

For sewage lines, Roto-Rooter High Desert now offers free video service during sewer line cleaning. A clogged sewer line is often caused by issues deep in the sewer pipes, and sink drain plumbing service that only removes the clog leaves the system open to a reoccurrence of the problem. Free video service inspects the sewer lines for breeches and root intrusions that will continue to be issues for the home until they are repaired.

A commitment to preventing plumbing problems saves homeowners money, and lessens the chance of a catastrophic plumbing problem.

About Roto-Rooter

Roto-Rooter has a team of highly skilled plumbing professionals ready to provide sink drain plumbing and all other residential services as needed. Roto-Rooter’s experience and professionalism make them one of the most sought after plumbing services in the Victorville, CA, a position only further enhanced by their commitment to preventing plumbing problems.

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