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How Much Will It Cost to Install a Septic System?

If you’re looking to build a home in Apple Valley, Hesperia, or Victorville, there’s a good chance you’ll need to install a septic system.  Not all areas out here have central sewage, and septic tanks are extremely common.  This can be an unexpected expense, particularly for people moving here from the city.

So, how much does a septic tank installation cost?  It depends on a few factors.

Five Factors Affecting the Cost of Septic Tank Installation

1 – Septic tank size

The size of the tank will be one of the biggest issues affecting the cost, and that size will generally be determined by the size of your house and your household.  The more water you expect to be using, the larger the tank needs to be.  Remember, the septic tank will receive all of your home’s wastewater, including from sources like washing machines.

2 – Above or below-ground?

Septic tanks can be installed either above the ground or below it.  Above-ground tanks are considerably cheaper to buy, and much cheaper to install since they don’t require a large pit to be dug.  However, they are also smaller than below-ground tanks and will need to be emptied more frequently.

Think long-term here.  Your septic tank installation specialists can also help you decide which option is right for you.

3 – Septic tank materials

As with most things, there are a range of materials you can use to build a septic tank – anything from basic concrete to expensive high-density polyethylene materials.  The more you spend, the less prone to damage the tank will tend to be.  Shoot for a balance here.

4 – Labor costs

Installing a septic tank isn’t an easy job, even if you’re buying an above-ground model.  Expect the work to take at least a couple of days, and run at least $1,500 for labor, materials, and machinery.  Depending on the size of the tank, and any unexpected circumstances, the time needed could potentially go up to 4-5 days for particularly difficult jobs.

5 – Is there an existing septic system?

If you’re looking to upgrade an existing septic system, keep in mind that removing the old system will add to the costs.  This could easily add a day or two to the job.

Septic Tank Installation in Apple Valley, Hesperia, & Victorville

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