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There are plenty of smaller companies out there who claim to be able to service your septic tank, and often at cut rates.  However, can they really be trusted with such an important -and tricky- piece of plumbing work?

Septic system pumping and maintenance is often difficult and risky, given the materials involved.  That’s why a wise homeowner should only trust the experienced and qualified plumbers at Roto-Rooter High Desert with such vital operations.

Four Reasons to Trust Roto-Rooter High Desert for Apple Valley, CA, Septic System Pumping

1. Septic Tanks Are Dangerous

There’s really no way to sugar-coat this one.  Due to what they contain, septic tanks can be extremely dangerous once they’re opened up.  A tank will contain noxious gasses that may require special gear to even look into, much less work with.  Many smaller independent plumbers simply lack the gear to do the job right, which can result in poor servicing of your septic tank.

2. Your Lawn is at Stake

While most of the time a septic tank pumping can be done with the tanker truck on the street, there are times that it may be necessary to drive the truck onto a lawn.  Or, if more drastic repairs are needed, such as to the drain field, larger digging equipment may be called for.  In either case, you want the best possible workers doing the work, to minimize damage done to your lawn in the process.

3. Top Professionals Understand Local Regulations

Whether you’re here in Apple Valley, CA, or anywhere else, there will be a number of stringent laws and regulations covering proper septic system pumping, maintenance, and waste disposal.  Can an independent plumber say with 100 percent confidence they know how to do work that’s always up to code?  If not, you could be left with a messy situation in more ways than one.

4. No Job Too Big or Small

Another factor may be the size of the septic system at your location, especially if it’s a large home or a business venture.  Not all plumbing services have the specialty equipment and expertise to deal with larger-than-average septic systems.  The last thing you want is for a septic servicer to show up, then discover they’re unprepared for the job.

For top-quality septic system pumping and maintenance and more, call Roto Rooter High Desert today!