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Hesperia, CA – April 10, 2016 – With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time for businesses to have their sewers checked by Roto Rooter High Desert.  This officially-licensed Roto Rooter commercial plumbing service has been serving California’s high desert area for years, with a full range of services designed specifically for business customers.

Sewer lines see more strain in the spring, especially if rains come, and that means if there are any problems they show themselves.  A business simply cannot afford to have backed-up drains or malfunctioning toilets, as it reflects badly on the business, harms property values, and potentially even creates significant health risks.

Roto Rooter High Desert is now offering free leak detection and video inspection services with any sewer line cleaning job.  The service allows businesses around the Victorville and Hesperia, CA, area to get two services at once.  A sewer line cleaning assures proper function in the months to come, while the added investigation will reveal any other problems that could manifest themselves.

A simple smoke test allows Roto Rooter professionals to quickly identify any cracks or leaks in the pipes that could allow noxious gasses into the building.  Video inspection allows quick oversight of the pipe network, and identification of soon-to-be clogs before they become major issues.

Now is the perfect time for businesses in Hesperia and surrounding areas to have their sewer lines checked.

About Roto Rooter High Desert

Roto Rooter High Desert is the premiere residential and commercial plumber for the Victorville and Hesperia, CA, area.  Backed by all the skills and expertise that has made Roto Rooter America’s #1 plumbing service, Roto Rooter High Desert offers a full range of services for businesses both large and small.  From everyday clogs to full building refits, Roto Rooter commercial plumbing gets it done on-time and on-budget.

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