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The cost of a septic system is one of the leading considerations homeowners have when investing in a new product. But there are a lot of points of confusion around the subject. In this latest post, our team at Roto-Rooter High Desert explains the cost of a septic system.

The size of your home a leading factor

One of the most important factors in determining the price of a septic system is the size of your home. The price can range, so it’s recommended to call our team for further details and information regarding this process.

Cost can depend on the material

Another leading consideration when reviewing the potential cost of your septic system is the type of material used for the tank. High-density polymer tanks tend to cost more than concrete tanks, and they also last longer. Some companies also offer aerobic tanks, which can also be expensive but may offer superior functionality depending on the home and the needs within your property.

Permit costs can be a consideration

When adding a septic system to your property, another leading complicating factor can be the permits. You’ll have to work with your local city officials to ensure you have the proper permits for the installation process. These permits can also add to the cost of the installation but are a required element to ensure that you have the rights to add the equipment.

The installation company

The installation company you choose to install the unit should also be carefully considered. They should be exceptionally well qualified for the work and be able to provide you with quality services at an affordable price point. We offer leading class installation services at the lowest cost locally here at Roto-Rooter.


Finally, you should consider the ongoing maintenance of your tanks. The tanks must be cleaned and pumped to minimize the potential for damage over time. This can add a few hundred dollars per year to the total cost.

Our team here at Roto-Rooter High Desert can provide low cost, highly skilled septic tank installation and maintenance services throughout the region. To discover more about our company, call today.