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Out here in the desert around Hesperia, CA, there are a lot people with septic tanks. It’s just part of life away from the big cities.  Unfortunately, that means dealing with the problems that can accompany septic tanks – including the need for emergency pumping services.

It’s rare for a septic tank to suddenly overflow, but it can happen – particularly if there are other problems with the system or there’s a sudden unexpected heavy rainfall. The chances go up if the septic tank has gone too long without regular pumping.  Going more than 4-5 years is risking big problems.

However, if it does happen, it’s one of the biggest threats to your property which could occur. You need immediate emergency pumping services, and it’s Roto Rooter High Desert that you should call.

When A Septic Emergency Hits, Call Roto-Rooter High Desert

Why call us?  We have:

Fully staffed 24/7/365 emergency response

We are ready and waiting for your call, no matter what time of day or night – even holidays and weekends! Our team can mobilize in a matter of minutes. If your property is being threatened by a septic emergency, there’s no need to wait a moment longer than is necessary. Roto Rooter High Desert will be on-site and working on the problem in no time.

All the necessary equipment

Septic tank pumping isn’t light work. Specialized tanker trucks and pumps are needed to remove the materials in a manner that’s safe and environmentally friendly. We have all our own equipment ready to roll, crewed by experienced professionals who know how to handle septic waste.

Cleanup crews

Has toxic material backed up into your house? We can help you safely cleanse the interior of your home as well, minimizing the damage done as well as the risks to the health of you and yours. Our cleanup crews are highly experienced in all manner of wastewater cleanup, and will prevent a bad situation from getting even worse.

Decades of experience at our back

There’s a reason Roto-Rooter has been the name in plumbing solutions across North America for over eighty years. No other plumbing company has the same level of dedication, expertise, and high technology at their back. As part of the Roto-Rooter family, we have access to resources and experience that other independent plumbers simply cannot match.

Roto-Rooter High Desert Is Here When You Need Us

If you’re in need of emergency pumping services, you don’t want to wait, and you don’t want to gamble your property on amateurs. Contact us to see the work done right.