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When you think “Roto Rooter” you might just think of people to call when your home plumbing is clogged. However, Roto Rooter High Desert is far more than that! We are also your complete source in Victorville, CA, for commercial plumbing supplies, procurement, installation, and more!

It’s vital that your commercial plumbing be installed properly and up-to-code. It’s important for the day-to-day function of your business, it’s important for keeping customers happy, and it’s important for staying within local regulations. Roto Rooter High Desert can handle all your commercial plumbing needs, properly and effectively.

Roto Rooter High Desert can assist you with:

Commercial plumbing supplies: Are you considering replacing existing fixtures, or outfitting a new building from scratch?  Roto Rooter High Desert can discuss your options, and help you obtain the right commercial plumbing supplies to serve you and your clients reliably for years to come.

Installations big and small: No other plumber in the high desert area offers more comprehensive installation services to businesses around Victorville, CA. As part of the Roto Rooter franchise, we have access to significant resources a smaller plumber does not, as well as owning far more of our own equipment. From single-floor shops to multi-story buildings, Roto Rooter High Desert can ensure your installations go smoothly.

Sewer and septic work: You need a plumber that can handle your waste disposal systems in a safe and sanitary manner.  Sewer and septic work is one of the specialties of Roto Rooter High Desert. We have the tools necessary to do minimally-invasive inspections of your septic\sewer lines, and can often fix problems with a minimum of digging.

Day-to-day service: If you’re having standard plumbing issues, Roto Rooter High Desert is still the best name to call.  Our workers are prompt, professional, and fully vetted along with all necessary insurance and liability protections. Your investment is safe with Roto Rooter.

24/7 scheduling available: We know you may not be able to interrupt business for the sake of plumbing issues. Roto Rooter High Desert is available around-the-clock, and can schedule work orders off-hours specifically to avoid interfering with your business. If a repair needs to be done in the middle of the night, before customers arrive in the morning, we’ll be there.

No matter your commercial plumbing needs, Roto Rooter High Desert is your best option. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.