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Basement flooding is a messy business, both for you and for the Roto Rooter plumbing expert you might call in to deal with it. Flooding can often be difficult to take care of, which is why -if you have a sump pump- it’s definitely a good idea to keep it in tip-top shape.  

As spring approaches, and the combination of rain and melting snow creates the greatest risk of basement floods. Now is the best time to check your sump pump and make sure everything is ready for the spring, to prevent costly professional pumping jobs.

We have a few tips to help ensure you don’t have to deal with a flooded basement in the months ahead.

Test out your sump pump.

In the event it’s been several dry or frozen months since your sump pump has been called into action, testing it out ahead of the spring floods is one of your best options. Just get a bucket of water and pour it out around the pump; if all is well, it will turn on and quickly pump out the water you just added.

If nothing happens, it’s definitely time to call in a Roto Rooter plumbing specialist to check out your sump pump before it’s called to do heavy-duty work.

Add a backup battery.

Battery backup is a little bit of insurance that can go a long way, especially considering that spring rains can also bring spring power outages. After all, the only thing worse than dealing with a flooded basement is dealing with a flooded basement in near-total darkness.

Having a backup battery on standby means your sump pump will continue to function flawlessly, even in a power outage. That means more peace-of-mind when the spring rains come.

Keep the sump pump’s area clean.

You don’t want debris cluttering up the area around the sump pump, or else it could clog its inlets.  Take a little time to pick up any foreign objects around the pump, and consider sweeping\vacuuming up as much loose dirt and grime as you can. Doing this can significantly extend the longevity of your pump.

Roto Rooter Plumbing Can Handle Pump Problems

Any problems with your pump or if a plumbing issue comes up and you can’t handle on your own, call in the professionals! Roto-Rooter High Desert is here to help Victorville, CA, area residents with all their plumbing needs.