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Many don’t realize it, but the exact same “hands-free” water fixtures, such as faucets and shower heads, which are available in public places like airports are now also available for home installation – and at reasonable rates!

While we realize not everyone is in a position to do a major plumbing rework, the Roto-Rooter plumbing experts here at Roto-Rooter High Desert in Hesperia, CA, highly encourage you to consider hands-free equipment when the opportunity does arise.  They can bring numerous benefits to your home, especially if you have a septic tank.

Five Big Benefits You Get from Hands-Free Water Fixtures

1. Conserving Water

The average home bathroom or kitchen faucet pumps out more than two gallons of water per minute.  Why should it be running even a moment longer than it needs to?  From washing your hands, to rinsing dishes in the sink, having the flow of water automatically cut off once it isn’t needed can drastically lower your water bills.

2. Child-Friendly Faucets

It’s difficult to teach younger children proper water conservation, and it’s all too easy for them to leave the faucet on when it isn’t necessary.  Hands-free systems make this impossible, as well as getting them used to the idea that water should only run when it’s needed.

3. Septic Tank Protections

The less a septic tank is used, the longer it lasts.  Along with the cost-saving benefits of reduced water usage, it will also reduce strain on your septic system.  And that means longer waits in between calling Roto-Rooter plumbing specialists for septic service.

4. Germ Prevention

Faucets tend to be among the most germ-covered items in a house, since they’re so commonly touched by people in need of washing their hands.  Unless they’re made of a material such as zinc or copper which is inherently anti-septic, they can build up a collection of germs rapidly.  Hands-free fixtures almost entirely prevent this.

5. Cleaner Faucets

And, let’s not forget simple aesthetics.  Shiny clean faucets look nicer, especially if you’re having company over.  Fewer people touching the fixtures means less dirt, oil, and grease making them worn and dirty.  Depending on the finish, it could also preserve the exterior of the fixtures for longer as well.

Of course, even the best fixtures cannot entirely prevent plumbing problems.  For residential and commercial services in Hesperia, CA, and beyond, Roto-Rooter High Desert plumbing experts are here to help!