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Septic tanks and septic systems are notoriously fickle, but if you don’t live on a municipal sewer system, you have to deal with them.

Every day, Roto Rooter septic service professionals help deal with septic tank issues in Victorville, CA, and the shame is, a great many of those issues are easily preventable.  While some maintenance on septic systems will always be needed from time to time, at least to drain them, there are some simple things a homeowner can do to prevent problems from occurring.

Here are a fewRoto Rooter septic service suggestions on protecting your septic system:

Three Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Septic System

1 – Never flush non-degradable objects.

Probably the most common cause of septic clogs or damaged piping.  Unlike traditional sewer systems, which are equipped to handle a wide variety of materials which get flushed, septic systems simply can’t.  Anything made out of rubber, plastic, polyurethane, or any other material which won’t naturally bio-degrade will just end up trapped in your septic system and potentially cause clogs.

Basically, if you have a septic tank, don’t flush anything except those substances septic systems are specifically designed to handle.  Even small non-degradable items can cause major problems.

2 – Avoid anti-bacterial soaps or cleaners.

Many people don’t realize that their septic tank is actually a living ecosystem.  Their usage requires a wide variety of microorganisms which live in the tank and break down the organic materials contained within.  Anti-bacterial products can harm or even kill these necessary bacterial colonies, which can inhibit your septic system’s ability to deal with human waste.

3 – Take more showers than baths.

A nice hot bath every now and then won’t do any major damage to a septic system.  However, frequent full-tub bathing does put a strain on the system.  A large load of bathwater hitting the tank at once can displace solid material in the tank, sending it into pipes it wasn’t meant to be in; this, again, can easily cause clogs.

When Problems Occur, Call The Professionals

In the event your septic system does develop a clog, please don’t hesitate to call in Roto Rooter septic service experts to clear it out. Problems in a septic tank will only get worse as time goes on.

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