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Plumbing problems can occur day or night, causing damage that gets more expensive by the minute.  That’s why Roto-Rooter High Desert now offers around-the-clock on-call service, so homeowners and businesses can have an expert plumber whenever needed.

Victorville, CA – February 29, 2016 – When a plumbing emergency hits a home or business, minutes matter. A burst pipe can cause extensive damage in a very short amount of time, and that damage will continue to spread as long as the leak isn’t contained. Roto-Rooter High Desert offers expert plumbing services to anyone in need, 24-hours a day.   Those in the Victorville, CA, area can know that there’s no need to wait.  The moment they find a problem with their plumbing, Roto-Rooter High Desert has the solution.

From small single-person homes to large office complexes, Roto-Rooter High Desert is equipped to handle any size job, backed by the best tools in the trade.  From fixture replacement, to pipe repair, to clogs of any size, Roto-Rooter High Desert can get it done.  For larger jobs in multi-story buildings, camera-based observation can pinpoint clogs within pipes, allowing them to be fixed with a minimum of damage to the structure.

Roto-Rooter High Desert also offers full septic services, even if industrial-grade digging equipment is necessary to get at the trouble.  All operators are fully licensed, and held to the highest standards of work.

About Roto-Rooter High Desert

With years of experience serving the Victorville, CA, area backed by the innovation and expertise of the nation’s most-trusted plumbing professionals, Roto Rooter High Desert brings top-quality plumbing services.  Every Roto Rooter plumber is thoroughly checked, trained, and insured to guarantee satisfaction with every job, no matter how large or small.

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