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When choosing septic pumping services, it’s important to work with the professionals to determine the best ways in which to maintain your equipment. Recognizing the signs of system disrepair is the best foundation for this process. And so, within this latest post, our septic pumping experts will explain the signs your system requires repair.

Sewage odor in the yard

When there’s a foul odor around your home, this is a clear issue that requires resolution. It will be obvious to those in and around the property that there’s a problem when the odor permeates all areas of the home. Often, the source of the odor is a leak from your drain field. This is a sign that sewage may be backed up within the system and the drain field must be inspected by a professional.

Fast-growing, green grass in one area of the lawn

While this might be considered positive for those who enjoy their gardens, having one section above the septic system that is healthy could be an indication that sewage is bringing nutrients to the soil underneath. Over time, this sewage will then travel above the soil and into your yard, causing lasting damage to the property.

Backed up toilets and sinks

When you have wastewater overflow within your toilets and sinks, you might find that the problem leads to a clog within your home’s pipes. The water will overflow above toilets and sinks and damage areas throughout your bathrooms and kitchens. The cause of this problem is usually an overloaded system in which debris must be removed to restore normal functionality. Make sure that you contact your local plumbing company before wastewater causes thousands of dollars in damages to your home.

Wet spots on the drain field

When you inspect the drain field and areas outside on your property, look for wet spots on the ground. This is considered to be a clear sign that the drain field is not performing effectively, and that water is not traveling through the drain and into the septic tank.

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