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One thing we always try to emphasize with our customers is the importance of septic system pumping in Hesperia. Many people believe it’s OK to wait until their septic system is entirely full before calling for a pumping job, but that’s truly not the case. If you wait until your tank is full and you’re having septic problems, you aren’t just putting an additional strain on your tank – you’re putting yourself and everyone in your home at risk of health problems.

It’s important to always get septic system pumping in Hesperia well before actual problems start to occur. The alternatives can be very unpleasant.


Four Health Dangers Associated with Broken or Overflowing Septic Systems


1- Toxic Water

This is, of course, the most obvious problem with allowing a septic tank to back up and overflow: The water that comes out of it is downright toxic, and usually teeming with harmful bacteria. Coming into any contact with septic water can drastically increase the chances of serious illness resulting.

This goes double if you have children or pets, who may not know to avoid the septic water.


2- Mold Growth

Any time water backs up into your house, it brings another threat with it: mold and mildew. House molds, such as black mold, can be incredibly dangerous – potentially even fatal, particularly if someone is allergic. Mold can also be extremely costly to remove from a home, so it’s best to avoid giving it a chance to grow.


3- Dangerous Fumes

Even if water isn’t backing up into your home, if you can merely smell your septic system, that’s still a very bad sign. Noxious gases such as methane will build up inside your septic tank. Prolonged exposure to these gases can cause respiratory issues, as well as carrying bacteria. They can also damage your home and being flammable, in a worst-case scenario they could conceivably even contribute to a house fire.


4- Hazardous Lawn Runoff

Finally, don’t forget about your lawn. If your tank overflows, or your drain field fails, you could end up with toxic standing water on your lawn. Beyond the threats already mentioned, this could run off your property and cause health problems for anyone – human or animal – living nearby.


Get Septic System Pumping in Hesperia Sooner, Not Later

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