January 12, 2016 by

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your home maintenance plans for 2016. There’s an exterior that might need a touch up, a roof that probably needs some attention, but there’s an extremely important aspect of your home that often gets overlooked; your septic system.

Victorville homes need septic system service annually in order to assure the proper operation of the system. The failure of any one part of your septic system has catastrophic effects on your lawn, the water supply, and the health of your family. An annual service call, along with a commitment to eliminate unsuitable waste in your system, will ensure your septic tank stays fully functional for decades. Roto-Rooter wants to ensure that you stay up-to-date on your septic tank service in Victorville, CA. To protect your system, a professional needs to:

Check the Connections

The first step in septic system service is a check of all lines carrying wastewater into your tank. An experienced professional will run your any fixtures or appliance tied into your plumbing through their regular cycles, and then the technician will make certain the water flowed into the septic tank as it should. Seepage in the drain lines in your home prematurely rot wooden structures, increase your exposure to mold and may cause significant damage if a leaking pipe becomes a burst pipe.

Inspect the Sludge

Most septic tanks don’t need to be emptied more than once every three to five years – depending on the size of the tank and the number of users – so it’s easy to forget about the draining, and let the tank become overfull. During a septic tank service exam, a technician compares the level of sludge to the level of wastewater in the tank. If the levels of sludge and liquid are more than a third of the total capacity of the tank, it’s time to drain the tank. Too much sludge in the tank damages the drains and pumping system, and could require a complete replacement of the system.

Walk the Hardware

Septic system service ends with a full inspection of all the hardware in your system; from the tank to the drain field. Problems with the hardware are most likely to occur underground in the drain field pipes, and small problems can grow over time to become very costly repairs. A leaky pipe or damaged tank can allow wastewater to seep into the water supply, destroying your yard and potentially poisoning your family.

Eliminate Improper Refuse

Much of the septic system service that Victorville, CA homeowners need must be done by a professional; however, being cautious about the types of materials that you put into your tank lessen the chance of damage and ensure smooth operation. You never want to put solid waste in your tank, especially waste that is too buoyant to sink into the sludge when it enters the tank. Solids that float aren’t consumed by the bacteria in the sludge, so they aren’t broken down and will clog your system. In addition, avoid putting chemicals, like drain cleaner, into your septic tank. In the event of a tank failure, these chemicals put the health of your family and the community at risk. If you make a mistake and accidentally put the wrong materials into your tank, septic tank and cesspool treatments can introduce biological agents that will break down the offending materials, and allow your system to resume normal function.

Before the New Year begins, schedule your annual septic system service with Roto-Rooter in Victorville, CA. Doing so will protect your home, your septic system and your family.