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No one wants to have to call in professionals for septic system service here in Victorville, CA, any more than they need to.  Beyond the infrequent cleanings which are necessary every 3-5 years, your septic system should require relatively little maintenance.

However, like most systems in your house, there are things you can do which will help ensure your septic tank requires as little maintenance as possible – and that it’s as easy as possible when it is needed!

Things to do That Reduce the Frequency of Septic System Service in Victorville, CA

1. Conserve water whenever possible.  

The more water which goes into a septic tank, the more water will need to be displaced into the drain field.  Constantly running full baths, draining hot tubs into the septic system, running washer loads that are only half-full, and other high-usage activities will greatly increase the load on your system.

2. Divert other water sources away from the septic tank when possible.

There’s no need for elements such as roof drain pipes or basement sump pumps to drain into the septic tank.  These can be routed straight onto your lawn with no ill effect, and again, keeping them out of the septic system reduces strain on it.

3. Mark the locations of your tank, access hatch, and drain field.

Whether you do this on a map kept in the house, or by physically marking the land in some way, it serves two purposes.  First, it prevents you from accidentally harming these areas of land, such as parking heavy vehicles above the tank.  Also, it makes it far easier for septic system service professionals to locate and work on your equipment when necessary.

(Which, in turn, saves you money on service calls by reducing time spent.)

4. Keep a log of maintenance work done.

Whenever you have a technician work on your septic system, keep the reports and receipts in a single place.  Just like how it’s valuable for a doctor to have your medical history when going to the hospital, this record of service can be of great aid to septic technicians.

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