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Septic System Service – The Importance of Certification


Getting a septic system inspected before buying a home is important in avoiding any potential issues. Sometimes these problems may only be minor, while other times they can be more severe. Reaching out to septic system service professionals will give you peace of mind while also saving you a lot of stress in the future. These professionals will perform a thorough inspection to ensure that the water is potable and it’s safe for use.

Here is a brief overview of the septic system inspection and certification process in Apple Valley, Victorville, and Hesperia.

Remove Lid and Measure Sludge Level

The first step is to find the location of the septic system to remove the lid and inspect it for any signs of cracks or damages. Afterward, the inspector will use a tool to determine the sludge level. Typically, it’s a transparent rod that uses a plug to allow the wastewater to enter, but it prevents the sludge from leaving. The amount of sludge and wastewater within the rod will help an inspector determine the condition of the septic tank. Depending on the conditions, the septic tank may need to be pumped.

Test for Leaks

An inspector will also test for any leaks, which can contaminate the surface or groundwater. Leaks can even decrease the time of separation that’s needed for sending clear wastewater within the drain field. The inspector will either use hydrostatic or vacuum testing to identify any leaks within the septic tank. Both of these tests include emptying the septic tank while using water pumping or negative pressure in the tank to locate any leaks.

Inspect the Baffles and Check Filters

The inlet baffle plays a key role in regulating the flow rate of waste from the home to the septic tank. However, the baffles can eventually stop working overtime due to corrosion. Getting them replaced is important in maintaining a septic system. An inspector will also check to see if the filter is working or if it needs to be replaced.

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