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If you’re the owner of a home with a septic system, at some point you will need to call, or have called for septic tank service in Hesperia, CA, to have your septic tank pumped. Septic tank pumping is an inevitable task that must be performed every three years or so, but you should never avoid or dread this maintenance. How well you maintain your septic system throughout the years can go long way. The best way to keep your septic tank clean and functional for a longer period is to use water more efficiently in your home. While it may seem simple enough, many homes fail to do this.

With that in mind, Roto-Rooter High Desert provides some water tips for septic maintenance.

Fix Leaks

If you have a leak within your home, you are using lot of unnecessary water. The most frequent and costly leaks are those that occur in toilets, as they can cause the toilet to run nonstop. Properly maintaining your plumbing involves regularly checking and fixing these leaks. It is recommended to call up a professional septic tank service in Hesperia, CA, to fix any leaks.

Use Appliances Responsibly

Dishwashers and washing machines use a lot of water when they’re running, so it is important to run them as infrequently as possible. Make sure you have a full load of clothing or dishes to wash before running either, when possible. If you have to wash less than a full load of clothing, check your washer for a dial that will turn down the water usage.

Install Aerators

Aerators are placed on the ends of faucets and are great at saving water in the long run. They are called aerators because they mix air into the water, so less water is actually used.

Septic Tank Service When You Need It

Roto-Rooter High Desert offers quality septic tank service, emergency options and can scheduled work at any time of day – even weekends or holidays. Our trained staff are fully licensed and have the experience and tools to handle any service. If you need major septic work done in Hesperia, CA, and want to ensure it’s done right the first time, trust our staff at Roto-Rooter High Desert. Contact our team today!