Broken Sewer Pipe & Frozen Drain Pipe Services from Roto Rooter

Having a broken sewer pipe or frozen pipe in your home or commercial property can be a disaster. Not only can such situations draw your plumbing system to a halt, but they can also cause costly flooding, so fixing them ASAP is essential. Thankfully, our team of experienced experts offers comprehensive broken sewer pipe and frozen drain pipe repairs.

The sewage pipe repair services from Roto Rooterare designed to fix everything, including:

  • Broken, Cracked, or Collapsed Pipes
  • Corrosion
  • Blockage
  • Leaking Joints
  • Off-Grade Pipes
  • Bellied Pipes
  • Roots in Sewer Lines
  • & More!

We Offer Trenchless Broken Sewer Pipe Repair Solutions!

When you enlist Roto Rooter to fix your broken sewer pipe, we won’t tear up your yard. We employ trenchless pipe repair methods to minimize damage and make sure you can go about your daily routine while we’re working. For businesses, this means no tearing up the concrete or creating obstructions when your customers want to visit the premises!

Our Frozen Drain Pipe Services

Having a frozen drain pipe during the winter can be a real “worst-case scenario.” Not only does it likely mean that your plumbing system isn’t functioning properly and preventing you from having access to running water, but it can also cause costly leaks and flooding. Freezing water turns to ice in a pipe and can block the line and expand, creating the danger of a plumbing emergency should the pipe burst.

If you have frozen pipes, there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage, like:

  • Shutting off your main water valve to reduce pressure on the blocked pipes.
  • Contacting a plumber immediately if your water is flowing slowly and you suspect your pipes are freezing.
  • If you can determine which pipe is frozen, try to thaw it out using a hair dryer.

Are you in need of broken sewer pipe or frozen drain pipe repairs?

When your pipes are damaged, calling a professional immediately is one of the best ways to prevent a plumbing emergency. If you have an issue, the team from Roto Rooter is available 24/7, day or night, as well as on weekends and holidays. We’ll send a repair team out immediately.

To learn more about our pluming, drain pipe, and septic system services, contact us online today or call (760) 245-2947 for a FREE quote!