Sink Repair & Installation Services from Roto Rooter

Dealing with a kitchen sink clog or other issue is no fun, especially if it puts a damper on your daily routine. That’s why the team from Roto Rooter specializes in kitchen sink repair and installation services. If you’ve tried everything to unclog your kitchen sink yourself and nothing seems to be working, it’s probably time to call in the professionals.

Fixing Your Kitchen Sink Clogs

Your kitchen is one of the most highly-trafficked rooms in the home, which means a clogged sink can certainly throw a wrench into your daily cooking and cleaning activities. That’s why we’re available around the clock to help you solve any issues you might have.

Over time, kitchen sinks become clogged due to grease, soap, fats, and detergents that build up in your pipes. Often, the easiest way to fix this issue is investing in drain cleaning services like the ones offered by the team at Roto Rooter.

  • How it Works: Our technicians will come to your home and use a sink machine to remove any built-up gunk and get your kitchen sink up and running again.

Our Sink Repair & Installation Services

In addition to offering drain cleaning services to fix those kitchen sink clogs, the team from Roto Rooter also specializes in repair and installation services for all of your commercial and residential needs, including:

  • Bathroom Sink Services: Having a sink in the bathroom that isn’t functioning properly can be frustrating and quickly lead to plumbing problems. So, contact us to fix any leaky pipes, repair chips or cracks in your sink basin, or install new sinks if needed.
  • Kitchen Sink Services: We also offer comprehensive kitchen sink repair and installation services and are equipped to perform leak repairs, faucet repairs and installations, and garbage disposal repair and maintenance services.
  • Commercial Sink & Drain Plumbing Services: For commercial enterprises, Roto Rooter can repair sinks, fix clogs in your commercial kitchen, perform bathroom plumbing services, and more. We’ll help ensure that your facility is clean and has a perfectly functioning plumbing system for your clients and employees.

Contact Roto Rooter for your kitchen sink clogs and repairs!

Leaving a kitchen sink clog unrepaired can easily turn into a plumbing disaster, so contact the team from Roto Rooter today! We can provide a free estimate and are available 24/7 to take your call. Contact us online or call (760) 245-2947.