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Any plumbing problem can be serious, but there is probably no bigger plumbing emergency than a foundation leak.  If a water pipe near your foundation has begun to leak, that can literally threaten your home by damaging the foundations holding it up.  Left long enough, a foundation leak can cause it to crack, or potentially even shatter if the leak occurs during freezing weather.

So, if you see signs of a foundation leak in Hesperia, you need to act immediately and call Roto-Rooter for help!

Five Signs of a Serious Foundation Leak

  1. Pooling water on your floor

The most obvious sign of a foundation leak is actually seeing water pooling on your ground floor, without any obvious cause.  If you mop up the water, but it returns, you need to call a plumber ASAP.

  1. Warped hardwood flooring

Another visible warning sign of a foundation leak is if your hardwood floor starts warping.  That means it’s soaking up the water from below, where it’s often not as well-treated.  Again, there are very few reasons this could happen that don’t necessitate calling a plumber.

  1. A sudden unexpected spike in your water bill

When a leak is beneath your house, you may not always see visible evidence of it.  Often, the first warning you get is a sudden spike in your water bill without a clear explanation.  Always call in a plumber if this happens.  You probably have a hidden water leak somewhere in the house, and that’s never good.

  1. Unexpected areas of warmth in your floor

If it’s a hot water pipe that’s leaking, that will cause the area above the leak to heat up as well.  If you notice your floor or carpet is unusually warm in a certain spot, a hidden foundation leak is often the culprit.

  1. Smelling mold or mildew

A leak doesn’t just damage the foundation and\or flooring – it also encourages the growth of mold or mildew.  However, this can easily be within the walls, or beneath the top layer of flooring.  In these cases, you’ll be able to smell the mold/mildew without being able to see it.  Again, call in the experts if you think you have mold issues.

Fortunately, you can call Roto-Rooter whenever you think you may have problems.  We’re on call 24/7 in Hesperia, so we’re always ready when you need us!