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As the name implies, a slab leak occurs when the plumbing system underneath the foundation of a building begins to leak through its concrete slab barrier. If left without repair, this type of leak can be detrimental to the structural integrity of a building.

A slab leak should be addressed as soon as possible so that the damage does not worsen and lead to even more expensive repairs. A slab leak should always be remedied by a professional plumber. Here we have explained how our team at Roto-Rooter approaches these problems without breaking through the foundation of the building.

How Victorville Plumbers Repair Slab Leaks Without Causing Further Damage

Proceeding with caution – Top-rated plumbers understand the dangers to look out for when repairing a slab leak. The professional will look for signs of erosion underneath the building’s foundation, and consequential cracks in the stone. An informed assessment of the damage will help the plumber understand how best to proceed with repairs.

Replacing outdated methods – Prior to the modern plumbing tools and techniques that we have today, plumbers would have to dig underneath the building and breakthrough the foundation with a jackhammer in order to access the pipes below and repair the leak. This was an extremely expensive process that has now been replaced with far less invasive methods. New, non-invasive slab leak repair services do, however, require a high level of technical knowledge. This is important to keep in mind when searching for a reputable slab leak repair company like Victorville’s Roto-Rooter.

Pipe lining method – Lining your pipes requires two small access points, which can be created easily without digging up the entire plumbing system. Plumbers will then use a high-quality material to line the pipes and protect the entire system from points of leakage. Depending on the plumbing company, different materials can be used to coat the inside of your pipes. For this reason, we recommend checking with your local plumber to ask which materials they plan on using to seal your pipes.

Pipe replacement – If several components of your plumbing system have been compromised, your plumber may recommend replacing the pipes to prevent further damage. Thankfully, even a pipe replacement can be done without digging. Pipe bursting is a common method that is used to insert the new pipe into the old system, applying enough pressure to burst the old pipe open and pull it out from beneath the foundation.

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