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Here at Roto-Rooter, we’re on-call 24/7/365 to help you whenever you have sink drain plumbing issues.  If your drain is clogged, we can get it unclogged in a jiffy thanks to our skilled and highly professional plumbing experts.

However, at least nine times out of ten, that service call could be avoided.  Most drain clogs are caused by putting the wrong things down a drain – and that leads directly to unnecessary Roto-Rooter drain cleaning costs. If you’re smart about what you send down your kitchen sink, you can avoid a lot of plumbing problems!

Four Things to Never Send Down A Sink

  • Grease

You’ve undoubtedly heard this before, but it bears repeating: There’s very little worse you can do to your sink plumbing than to send grease through it.  The issue with grease is that it’s sticky.  It doesn’t pass straight through, instead, it coats the pipes and stays in place.  Then it traps bits and pieces of whatever else comes down the pipe, quickly creating tough clogs that are very difficult to remove.

If you accidentally send more than a tiny bit of grease down your pipes, immediately flush them with hot water.  Boiling water is even better.

  • Too much food via garbage disposals

Most plumbers aren’t fans of sink-mounted garbage disposals, because they can cause a lot of problems.  For example, a lot of foods retain grease after being cooked and mincing them in the disposal just causes that grease to come loose.  If you have a garbage disposal, please use it sparingly.

This is particularly true if you, like many people in the desert area, have a septic tank.  Waste food is terrible for your septic tank.

  • Coffee grounds

Used coffee grounds are another product that can stick to the sides of your pipes and cause clogs.  Never send them down the drain!  Just put them in the trash can or throw them in the yard.

  • Medicines

This isn’t about plumbing, so much as environmental awareness.  Medications making their way into the water system is a big problem in the modern world.  They can contaminate water supplies, harm animals, or even cause chemical buildups in people’s bodies.  Never flush your old medicines; trash them instead.

Roto-Rooter Can Help!

If you do need sink drain plumbing services, don’t worry – our Roto-Rooter drain cleaning cost is quite reasonable!  Call us to schedule an appointment.