February 26, 2016 by

Spring is just a few short weeks away, and that means it’s time to think about your spring cleaning. You’ll dust the dark corners of your living room, throw away unused junk in your garage, and spend time sprucing up your backyard, but one place you don’t want to overlook is your septic tank. Septic tanks cleaning in Victorville, CA, is a spring ritual that extends the life of your septic system, and ensures proper operation.

In Victorville, CA, septic tanks cleaning typically occurs during the spring for four reasons.

Spring Flooding

April showers are necessary to grow May flowers, but too much water can be catastrophic for your septic system. Saturation of the drain field prevents the flow of water out of your tank, and without any place else to go, the waste water backs up into your home. Septic tanks cleaning lowers the waste levels in your tank to a safe point, where a flooded drain field isn’t problematic.

Winter Damages

During the winter, cold weather and other factors can cause damage to your septic system. The damage may go unnoticed during the winter months, but when the weather turns warmer, and you place more stress on your septic system, the problems become magnified. When you schedule septic tanks cleaning at the beginning of the spring, your plumber has a chance to repair any damage before it becomes worse.

Incorporated into Annual Home Maintenance

Finally, homeowners prefer to use spring septic tanks cleaning to group all of their home maintenance tasks into the same period each year. For tasks that occur as infrequently as a septic tank cleaning, annual reminders prevent the task from slipping your mind. When you establish a particular week or month as your time for septic tank cleaning, you are much less likely to overlook your maintenance.

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