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Your family depends on the septic system running perfectly around the clock.

Placing the wrong products into your septic tank can cause overflows, clogged drains, and may even contaminate your groundwater.

So, let’s review the things that may damage your unit.

Chemical Cleaners

Household cleaning products contain anti-bacterial agents that can disrupt the bacteria cycle within your septic tank. The system relies on bacteria to eliminate pathogens in waste. Avoid placing household cleaners and bleach down your drains to protect and support its natural processes.

Cat Litter

Cat litter contains clay which will add to the solid waste volume within your septic tank. The clay gathers in the piping structure of your septic system and can disrupt wastewater flow. Even some products advertised as biodegradable may harm your septic tank.

Leftover Medicines

Flushing any leftover medicines down the toilet can pollute the groundwater within your septic field. This pollution can become dangerous as toxic pharmaceuticals make their way back into your drinking water. Call your local pharmacy to discuss safe disposal methods for any medical products around the home.

Laundry Detergents

The phosphates and surfactants within laundry detergents are known to leach into drain fields. There, they harm beneficial bacteria and severely disrupt the crucial neutralization processes taking place in your septic system.

Once phosphates and surfactants seep out of the tank, they can quickly contaminate your local groundwater. To avoid this common issue, look out for phosphate-free detergents that are safe for your septic system.

Flushable Wipes

While the marketing might tell you that flushable wipes are suitable for every system, they are known to cause long-standing damage to septic units.

Once you flush a flushable wipe, the product may take as much as ten minutes to break down. During this time, the wipes become a significant clogging risk, and once your septic system clogs, your entire property may be at risk of flooding.

Cooking Oils

Flushing cooking oils can damage even sewer-line connected systems. So, for homes with a septic tank, it can be even more dangerous. Cooking oils will solidify over time and cause a significant clog within your system. The oil clog can cause long-term structural damage and may even require an expensive system repair.

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