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One important aspect of home ownership is regular maintenance. Without maintenance, a house’s systems wear down;this can lead to serious issues, and costlier repairs. By scheduling services that assess and maintain frequently used components, you’ll save yourself the headache of emergencies that might have been caught before they happened.Around one-third of Americans have a septic system to process household waste. Finding someone to provide septic system service is essential, and it ensures that everything is running well.

Choosing a reliable company to work with you for as long as you own your home will give the added benefit of having someone who knows and understands your home’s septic system.Roto-Rooter specializes in septic systems and provides assistance for many other plumbing issues. Roto-Rooter proudly serves Victorville, CA and the surrounding areas.

Common Septic Problems

Septic system’s issues rarely occur in the tank. However, if you aren’t getting regular septic tank service you may encounter excess clogs, sluggish performance, odors or even the system backing up into your shower or tub. There is nothing pleasant about a septic system that’s not working, which is why regular maintenance is the best prevention.

Getting on a Pumping Schedule

If you’re ready to create a timeline, our professionals in Victorville, CA will assess your system and determine a pumping schedule. The average household will need its septic system pumped every three years. If the system includes any electrical or mechanical parts, it should be looked at annually. When your system needs pumping, a Roto-Rooter truck will quickly and efficiently pump your tank using environmentally responsible practices. The waste is hauled and disposed of at an approved treatment and processing facility.

Engineering and Drainage Pipes

Roto-Rooter can also fulfill any engineering and drainage field services required. Our experts are able to handle engineering repairs and replacements of all sizes, and we have the excavation capabilities to perform them.

Roto-Rooter offers environmentally-friendly septic system service & treatment, drain field pipe replacement and lateral line installation.

Contact the High Desert Experts

Roto-Rooter provides high-quality septic services to those living in Victorville, CA, and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking to improve your system, or maintain it, contact our team at (760) 245-2947.