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Is it time for another round of septic tank service?  Like all the many septic system owners around the Apple Valley, CA, area, your tank will need regular service roughly every 3-5 years.

However, with so many newcomers to the area, we’re frequently asked how one knows when it’s time for septic tank work.  In truth, it’s not hard to tell.  The “warning signs” are pretty clear and hard to miss.

The Top 5 Ways to Know It’s Time for Septic Tank Service

1. It’s been more than four years since the last servicing

Unless you have extremely low water usage, time itself is often the biggest indicator that it’s time for another round of septic service.  After all, most of the other signs are unpleasant.  If you’re nearing that five-year date, just go ahead and schedule a service appointment.  It’s time.

2. Multiple toilets / drains not flowing properly

When a septic tank is full or otherwise needs service, it tends to affect most or all drains in a household.  So, if you find yourself with multiple problems all at once, it’s almost certainly a septic system issue.

3. Backup from drains

Another clear warning sign that you need septic service ASAP is if you start seeing wastewater backing up, such as through floor drains or potentially even in sinks.  This can also occur when one appliance, like a washer, uses a lot of water and then its wastewater backs up in another location.

4. Foul smells from drains

If you’re starting to get iffy odors in your bathroom, kitchen, or other areas with drain pipes, that means the wastewater isn’t flowing out of the house properly.  Again, this is another issue that will tend to affect many fixtures at once.

5. Standing water on the lawn

Finally, if a septic tank is full or overflowing, it will often create areas on your lawn which are marshy, have standing water, and generally smell bad.  Don’t worry, things will go back to normal once the tank is serviced.

Need Septic Work in Apple Valley, CA?

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