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A plumbing problem can have a significant impact on a business. Commercial building owners must carefully consider their strategies for dealing with plumbing issues and work with a specialist to prevent a disaster from taking place. The team at Roto-Rooter High Desert has many years’ experience within the Apple Valley, CA commercial plumbing marketplace, and in this latest post they highlight their guide to preventing a plumbing disaster within commercial properties.

Prepare an Emergency Plan

As part of the company’s procedures for dealing with emergencies such as flooding, it’s important to make a plumbing emergency plan. This plan should include the names of those involved in managing any evacuation response to the flood. It should also include the contact information for a noted local Apple Valley, CA commercial plumbing company who can offer 24/7 services in response to a plumbing problem.

Alert Management Immediately

Employees should be taught to alert management immediately if they notice a plumbing problem within the offices. Whether the issue is a small leak at a tap or a flooded bathroom space, the problem should be addressed alongside supervisors within the company. Management staff should then make a quick decision on whether to resolve the issue using company resources or call a professional.

Consider Customers

In managing a potential plumbing issue, B2C companies should consider how the problem will affect their customers. Will they have to postpone meetings at the office? Will service be impacted by the flooding within the facility? It’s important to make a structured plan for continuing services in the event that a flooding emergency takes place. This will ensure the relationship between the business and their valued customers is protected.

Commit to Proactive Maintenance

Many companies neglect their plumbing systems due to a focus on other areas of the organization. A singular focus on productivity can cause the firm to lose sight on events taking place within their office. And this may mean that plumbing systems go unmaintained over many years. It’s important to craft a comprehensive plumbing maintenance plan and ensure that all building systems are checked according to the manufacturer’s requirements on a regular basis.

Deal with a Reliable Plumber

Companies can prevent plumbing disasters by maintaining contact with a reliable plumbing firm on a regular basis. The team should know the names of those within the plumbing company and should feel comfortable asking those questions and communicating with them on a regular basis about any concerns they might have concerning their plumbing. This type of close business relationship will help ensure the building’s systems remain in peak performance condition.

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