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As professionals with decades of experience, the team at Roto-Rooter High Desert knows that plumbing leaks are a common issue within the modern Hesperia, CA home. They’ve helped property owners across the region address their plumbing leak issues. But there are techniques that can help prevent plumbing leaks in the long-term. In this latest article, the Roto-Rooter High Desert plumbing team presents five tips for preventing plumbing leaks.

  1. Replace the Washing Machine’s Hoses

Many homeowners are now finding their washing machine uses hot and cold hoses. These hoses are known to cause significant leak issues due to their temperature sensitivity and lack of long-term durability. To help prevent expensive leaks in the home, it’s important to replace hot and cold hoses with braided stainless steel lines. The plumbing team at Roto-Rooter in Hesperia, CA can offer guidance on this process!

  1. Drain the Water Heater

Over time, sediment builds up within the water heater due to the chemicals used within the water filtration process. This sediment can cause damage to water heater components and may eventually cause a leak within the heater. To help prevent damage from sediment, homeowners should drain their heater on a regular basis. The draining process can also help reduce home costs and prevent the need to replace the heater in the long-term.

  1. Inspect Water Supply Lines

The water supply lines within the home offer a clear insight into the health and performance of the property’s plumbing infrastructure. Homeowners should inspect these supply lines every few months to ensure they’re in optimal working condition. It’s especially important to check the water supply lines under the kitchen sink for any signs of excessive moisture or bubbling water at the connections. As this could indicate a small leak has begun and that a larger leak may occur in the future.

  1. Install an Electric Water Sensor

Homeowners are now benefiting from the latest water sensing technology to mitigate leak issues within their home. To ensure their washing machine is working optimally and not leaking water, many are now installing electric water sensors on their machine. These sensors are able to detect small amounts of water on the surfaces around the washing machine, and will immediately turn off the system if a leak is detected.

  1. Insulate Water Supply Lines

A common source for home leaks is the supply lines within unheated basements and crawl spaces. During the cool winter season, these pipes can freeze and then crack. To help prevent this type of leak, homeowners should insulate their supply lines. The team at Roto Rooter High Desert in Hesperia, CA can offer expertise on this important plumbing work.

It’s the ideal time to address potential plumbing leaks within the home. To discover more tips on preventing home leaks, speak with the team at Roto Rooter High Desert today at (760) 245-2947 or visit their business website at