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An overfull septic system can leech wastewater into your lawn, filling the neighborhood with foul odors, while destroying your landscaping. Preventative maintenance should be done every year to ensure the optimal operation of the system, but septic tank cleanings can be done less frequently. Generally speaking, septic system service in Victorville, CA,should occur every two to three years; however, there are several factors that can alter the frequency significantly.

Family and Tank Size

The biggest factors in the frequency of septic system service is the ratio of family size to tank size. A small family with a large tank can go much longer between cleanings than a large family with a small tank. Striking the right balance between size and frequency of cleaning is an important cost consideration for your family.

As a rule of thumb, when you’re deciding how big a tank to install for your family, calculate the number of fixtures, including all faucets, toilets, etc. in your home. Multiply that number by 40, then round to the nearest sized tank. For instance, a home with 30 total fixtures needs a tank approximately 1200 gallons for a two year cleaning cycle.


Garbage disposals radically increase the frequency of septic system service. Using a disposal sends solid food pieces into your tank that raise the solid load level. Some of the most common household food items, like rice and pasta, are very difficult to break down, and will spend quite some time in your septic tank.

You should also be careful with your high water usage appliances, like washing machines and dishwashers. Running these appliances together or running several loads in a row can flood the system and lead to service calls.

Chemical Additives

When or if you purchase a chemical additive to speed up the process of sludge creation, or to clean your pipes, you’re actually increasing your need for septic system service. Most additives on the market use a harmful set of chemicals that kill the necessary bacteria in your septic tank, which inhibits the breakdown of sludge later on. Only by shocking the system with a specially designed probiotic compound can you recharge the bacteria level in your septic system and return it to normal operation.

Septic system service frequency depends on a series of factors, many of which are directly under your control. The experts at Roto-Rooter can provide regular maintenance and septic system service in Victorville, CA.