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Four Ways to Repair Leaky Pipes & Joints

Plumbing leaks are an all-too-common issue for many homes. Sometimes these leaks only cause minimal damages, while other leaks are much more severe. Understanding how to fix leaky pipes and joints can save you a lot of time and stress. Reaching out to a local plumber offering leaky pipes repair services in Victorville, Apple Valley, or Hesperia is also a smart decision if you need professional assistance.

Here are a few of the most common ways to repair water leaks

1) Waterproof Tape

You can temporarily fix a leaky water pipe by using waterproof tape. However, you will need to dry the pipe to ensure it will stick. Using waterproof tape is an effective emergency solution before a plumber can reach your home and make permanent repairs.

2) Patch Kit

Another way to fix leaky pipes and joints is to use a patch kit. These patch kits are often available at hardware stores, as they include a rubber pad for covering the hole, while you can use metal plates to hold it together. Following the detailed instructions of a patch kit is an easy way to fix minor leaks while saving yourself a lot of time.

3) Epoxy Paste

You can also use an epoxy paste to fix a water leak. Epoxy paste is available at any hardware store. Turning off the water and making sure the pipes are dry is key before applying the epoxy paste. Using this special mixture is especially effective at repairing small leaks. Reaching out to a professional plumber is a good idea if you are dealing with a larger water leak.

4) Replace PVC Pipe

You will need to turn the water off before using a hacksaw to cut the damaged pipe while letting excess water drain out. Afterward, you will need to apply a PVC primer solvent to the inside of the replacement pipe fittings and apply glue to the outside of the existing PVC pipe before inserting it with a twisting motion. You will need to hold the pipe for at least ten seconds to create a secure bond.

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