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A clean bathroom is a healthy, hygienic bathroom.  There are few places in a house more likely to be contaminated with harmful bacteria than a bathroom, which means it’s the room in your home that you most want to clean from top to bottom. You can always call our Roto-Rooter team if you have plumbing issues in your home. Unfortunately, bathrooms are also quite complicated, despite their small size, and there are a lot of places people forget to clean – including some that are right in front of their eyes.

So next time you’re cleaning up your bathrooms, don’t forget about these easy-to-overlook spots!

Four Areas You Shouldn’t Overlook When Cleaning Your Bathroom

  1. The light switch

In general, light switches tend to be overlooked when people are cleaning, even though they’re going to be touched by many dirty hands.  This problem is far worse in a bathroom, for obvious reasons.  You want to make sure to regularly clean the light switch, so it doesn’t become a haven for contaminants.

Being so close to an electrical source, you don’t want to squirt water into it.  We’d suggest rubbing it down with a bit of alcohol or hand sanitizer to decontaminate it.

  1. The exhaust fan

Chances are, you have a dedicated fan in your bathroom for pulling air out of the room – and chances are it’s been years since you’ve cleaned it.  If so, it’s definitely time to do so!  A dirty fan isn’t just a haven for mold and mildew, it can potentially spread such contaminants into other rooms.

  1. The toothbrush holder

This is another item that’s easy to forget when cleaning, even though it’s possibly the most-contaminated item in your bathroom.  Your toothbrush holder should be cleaned on a very regular basis.  Don’t wait until it’s showing residue from leftover toothpaste!  There’s going to be a lot of bacteria on it all the time.

  1. Hard to reach areas around your toilet

Finally, remember to put in a little extra effort when cleaning your toilet – particularly the outside.  There are a lot of little nooks and crannies which are often missed when cleaning with a brush or mop.  They’ll need direct attention with a washrag or sponge, but it’s important to do so, since those crevices are also perfect breeding grounds for contaminants.

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