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Your septic system is a crucial piece of equipment and when it begins to malfunction, the problems can impact your entire property. Like all household appliances, your septic system needs proper care, so make sure your system is working to peak performance by following these septic service tips from our experienced professionals.

Commit to regular pumping

Regularly have your septic system pumped to remove the waste material. The process should be completed every three to five years, or when you notice that your drains are moving slowly. Draining the effluent from the system can help keep it functioning efficiently and effectively.

Ensure all runoff is diverted away from the unit

The runoff from your septic system should be diverted away from the tank. Make sure that gutters and drains are directed away from the drain fields. This will help prevent flooding, which can be common in poorly-designed tanks.

Ensure all ports and lids are tightly-sealed

One of the leading problems homeowners face in maintaining their septic system is that water can penetrate poorly-sealed lids and ports, causing all sorts of problems with the septic unit. When water enters into these cracks, it can cause a hydraulic overload, which then leads to the drain field becoming saturated. Simply ensure all lids and ports are sealed to prevent leaks within your unit.

Book regular inspections

Your septic system unit should be inspected regularly to ensure it’s working properly. One of the reasons many homeowners experience issues with their unit is that they don’t have the system inspected, which then allows problems to develop over time. By choosing comprehensive septic system inspection services, these issues can be identified and resolved in a timely manner.

Don’t block the unit

It can be a simple mistake to make – you end up driving over your septic system area and cause a leak. However, it’s the type of error that can be exceptionally costly for property owners across the country. Make sure you know the exact location of your unit and have the location sealed off above ground to prevent system obstructions.

Working with a qualified service team can ensure your septic system is working at the highest performance levels throughout 2019 and beyond. To learn more about your service options, call our team today.