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If you’re here in the Hesperia area, you probably have a septic tank attached to your home – and that means regular draining and cleaning.  Rather than waiting on the tank to fill up, we recommend getting a septic tank cleaning in Hesperia every 3-4 years.  It’s much better to be proactive about cleaning the tank, rather than letting it overflow.

However, life happens, and sometimes people forget about getting their septic tank cleaned.  That’s when more serious problems start to occur.  If any of the following happen, you need to call Roto-Rooter ASAP for affordable septic service!

Four Signs You Need an Immediate Hesperia Septic Tank Cleaning

  • All your drains are slow or backed up

If a single drain isn’t working right, that’s not a big deal – it’s probably just clogged.  However, if you’re on a septic system and all the drains in your house start malfunctioning, that’s a very bad sign.  Either your septic tank is full, or there’s some other problem with the septic system.

  • Water above the drain field

Under normal circumstances, all the water in your drain field should stay below the surface.  If the drain field ever becomes flooded or is squishy when you walk on it, that’s a clear sign that the septic tank is overflowing and dumping more liquid into your yard than it’s supposed to.  This almost always means that your septic tank is full.

  • Foul odors in your yard

The materials in a septic tank smell about as bad as you’d expect them to – so if you start smelling something like that in your yard, it’s a huge red flag.  Look around to make sure there’s no other obvious source for the odors first.  If there isn’t, then you definitely need to call in for a septic tank cleaning.

  • Sewage in the basement

This one may go without saying, but if you ever discover grey/black water backing up into your home, you need to call an affordable septic service immediately.  Any materials backing up into your home are potentially toxic, or even deadly.  This is most likely to occur in the basement, being the lowest point in the house.

For Affordable Septic Service, Call Roto-Rooter!

We’re your experts for Hesperia septic tank cleaning.  Don’t wait for unnecessary problems to occur.  If it’s been 3-4 years since the last cleaning, call us today to avoid any issues.