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Independent plumbers come and go, but one name in sink drain plumbing has remained constant for nearly eight decades:  Roto Rooter.

There’s no real debate why this is.  For all that time, Roto Rooter has represented the state of the art in plumbing. Beginning with the 1930’s, when Roto Rooter was revolutionizing no-dig sewer line maintenance.   Since then, they’ve been pioneers in the art of plumbing, helping homeowners and businesses alike keep their pipes flowing clear.

Roto Rooter High Desert carries on this lofty tradition, bringing the best in plumbing services to Hesperia, CA, and the greater surrounding desert area.

When you need sink drain plumbing, Roto Rooter High Desert has what you need.

Roto Rooter High Desert Brings Top-Quality Sink Drain Plumbing

The Latest Methods

Roto Rooter combines both physical and chemical drain-clearing methods, to ensure the job is done right every time.  For clogs or leaks which are further into the pipes, we also have video-inspection devices and smoke testers that help us locate the problem, no matter where it is.

Consummate Professionalism

When you call an independent plumber, there’s rarely any way of knowing who’s going to show up at your door.  Are they fully trained, licensed, bonded, and insured?  When you call Roto Rooter High Desert, the answer is always YES!  Every Roto Rooter plumber knows their job inside and out and is guaranteed to bring maximum satisfaction to every job.

Commercial Work Is a Specialty 

While our residential customers will always be the valued foundation upon which Roto Rooter is built, we also have all the expertise needed for even the toughest large-scale commercial jobs.  After all, commercial plumbing needs to be done to high standards to meet all local regulatory requirements, while also fulfilling the needs of a business’s clientele.  Whether it’s one sink or forty, Roto Rooter High Desert will make certain a business’s water is flowing properly.

Full Emergency Services

While it would be nice if things were otherwise, plumbing never waits for a convenient time to get clogged or spring a leak.  That’s why Roto Rooter High Desert offers on-call emergency service at any time of day or night, even on holidays.  Whenever you’re in need of sink drain plumbing services, we’re standing by and ready to help!

And Away Go Problems…

There’s no “trick” to why Roto Rooter is known universally as America’s Plumbers.  Our decades of experience and success stories ensure that no matter where you are, Roto Rooter High Desert can help.

If you’re in Hesperia, CA, or anywhere else in the surrounding area, contact Roto Rooter High Desert today!