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Plumbing really isn’t as easy as they make it look like on TV.

When budgets are tight, it’s tempting to try to save money on plumbers, especially for something that seems simple like sink drain plumbing. Perhaps you have a neighbor who claims to know plumbing, or there’s a new startup plumbing company across town with cut rates because they’re hungry for customers.

Either way, there’s really no substitute for licensed professionals when it comes to sink drain plumbing in Hesperia. Here are a few reasons to make sure to hire experts, like Rooter-Rooter High Desert, who are fully certified.

Why Choose Genuine Licensed Professionals for Your Plumbing?

1. Background Checks

As part of the Roto-Rooter system, here at Roto-Rooter High Desert every plumber or septic worker we hire has been fully checked and vetted. No one gets hired unless they pass a thorough background check and drug test, and they’re held to high standards of cleanliness and conduct.

When you’re letting a stranger into your home, you need to know that your family and property is safe.

2. Genuine Training

When you work with a fully-licensed plumber, another thing you know you’re getting is a worker who is legitimately qualified for the work. Whenever possible, we hire those who have prior experience in professional plumbing, and either way, they’re put through extensive training to bring them up to true Roto-Rooter standards.

For those who are also working on commercial plumbing jobs, we ensure they are fully tested and knowledgeable on building codes and health regulations in the area. Few independent plumbers can say the same!

3. No Additional Damage

You might be surprised at just how often we get called in to fix something that someone else broke, even for sink drain plumbing work. Although an amateur or independent plumber may have a general idea what to do, they often spend too much time “fiddling around” and end up causing additional damage before fixing the original problem.

4. The Right Tools for The Right Job

Roto-Rooter was founded on the concept of ensuring the best tools are used for plumbing jobs, literally! The “roto-rooter” itself was a tool invented by the founder, and we take that concept seriously. A fully licensed plumber will have everything they need to do the job right, quickly, and without causing any more problems.

So when you need a sink drain unclogged, don’t call in just anyone. Call in the best.  With Roto-Rooter High Desert, you’re getting top-quality plumbing from trusted professionals, at reasonable rates. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!