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Four Simple Ways to Prevent Victorville, CA, Plumbing Leaks at Home

Water leaks are an all-too-common issue for many homes. Unfortunately, even small leaks can lead to considerable damages and significantly increase your water bill. Staying proactive by looking at ways to prevent plumbing leaks will save you a lot of stress while also keeping your home well-protected.

Here are a few tips on how to prevent Victorville, CA, plumbing leaks at home.

1)  Lower Water Pressure

One way to lower the chance of a leak is to decrease your water pressure. While an increased amount of water pressure may feel great, it can eventually cause damages to your pipes. Using a pressure gauge is an effective way to determine if your water pressure is too high, as it should never exceed 80 psi. You can install a pressure regulator for your main water line to help you avoid this problem.

2)  Keep Your Drains Clean

Another way to prevent a water leak is to keep your drains clean on a regular basis. You should avoid putting certain items down the drain, such as coffee grounds, grease, eggshells, or seeds. It’s also not recommended to use commercial drain cleaners, as these substances are too harsh for the plumbing systems in homes.

3)  Check Seals on Pipes

All of your pipes have watertight seals that connect to plumbing fixtures. However, these seals won’t last forever, as you may notice water around your appliances. These seals will eventually need to be replaced, as it’s a good idea to reach out to Roto-Rooter Plumbers in Victorville CA to help investigate and fix the problem before it gets worse.

4)  Look for Other Signs

Sometimes a water leak can happen within your home without you even knowing it. A few of the most common signs of a water leak include a higher-than-normal water bill, wet spots in your home, or puddles near your shower or sink. Contacting Roto-Rooter plumbers is the best option in taking care of this problem before it leads to more damages.

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