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Four Tips on How to Deal with a Broken Sewage Pipe in Victorville

Keeping your plumbing system working at an optimal level is important for homeowners. However, a sewage pipe can eventually break over time. Understanding how to take care of this problem is key in limiting damages while saving yourself from a lot of stress. Hiring a professional plumbing company specializing in repairing a broken sewer pipe in Victorville is always a great decision to ensure the job is done right.

How to Handle a Broken Sewage Pipe

1) Attempt to Unclog the Drain

The first step is to try to unclog the drain. A drain can eventually become clogged due to several reasons, whether it’s kitchen grease, soap scum, hair, or large amounts of toilet paper. It’s possible to unclog a drain by using a plumber’s snake or plunger, as small clogs are fairly easy to fix. On the other hand, it’s a good idea to reach out to a plumber if you are unable to unclog a drain.

2) Locate the Pipe that Is Causing the Issue

Another step in repairing clogged or broken sewer lines is to locate the pipe. You can easily find the sewer pipe if you have a basement or crawl space underneath your home. However, houses built upon slab foundations are more difficult to find. Locating the sewer pipe will help save a lot of time for the plumber and make it easier to fix this problem.

3) Inspect the Damages

Working with a professional plumber is important in helping you gain a better understanding of the damages to your sewer pipe. Sometimes these damages are due to backed-up clogs, or they may occur because your pipes are getting too old. Planting trees too close to these pipes can also cause damage due to the tree roots. Assessing the damages will help you determine your next option.

4) Repairing or Replacing Sewage Pipes

Sometimes a pipe can be repaired if it only suffered minor damages. However, it may be more cost-effective to replace your pipes if you have an older plumbing system. Making a replacement now can help you avoid future repair costs while giving you more peace of mind.

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