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Have you ever noticed that your property maintenance expenses tend to skyrocket during the winter? If you live in a variable climate, one of the best things you can do for your home is preparing your drain pipe system for the cold months. Many homeowners, however, do not know how to prevent frozen pipe damage without the help of a plumber.

By taking a few simple steps to prepare your home in the months leading up to winter, you can safeguard your drain pipes against the dropping temperature. Continue reading to learn from the experts at Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service in Victorville.

5 Ways That Plumbers Keep Drain Pipes From Freezing

1. Keep warm air circulating inside the house

The key to preventing your drain pipes from freezing is by keeping warm air flowing through them at all times. Rather than wasting an excessive amount of energy by drastically raising the temperature inside your home, we recommend opening the cabinets and doors inside your house regularly in order to keep the air circulating properly.

2. Scan your home for openings

Not only should you be opening pathways for warm air to flow inside your home, but you should also be looking for cracks and other small openings where cold air may creep in during the cold months. The cost of repairing small damages to the outside of your home will be much less expensive than the cost of replacing or repairing a frozen drain pipe.

3. Add insulation

If you have a history of drain pipe freezing problems, it may be time to insulate your pipes for added protection against the elements. Drain pipes can be insulated with fiberglass, foam, and several other materials. Ask a trusted plumbing technician in your area to provide you with insulation options.

4. Maintain a high temperature

Whether you are at home or out for the day, it is important to keep your house at the same temperature at all times. Fluctuations in temperature may cause your drain pipes to succumb to the cold if they are exposed to a low temperature for several hours.

5. Keep the water running

If you are concerned about a frozen drain pipe, running your faucet may add enough energy to your drainage system to keep it from freezing. Even a dripping faucet could make all the difference to your drain pipes during the winter.

Are you getting ready to winterize your home? Avoid drain pipe issues by contacting us today for a free estimate!