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Four Common Causes of a Leaky Pipe in Victorville

A pipe can eventually begin to leak in your home due to numerous reasons. These water leaks can cause significant damages to your Victorville house, whether it’s ruining your walls, carpets, ceiling, or furniture. All of this excess moisture can also cause mold and mildew to appear. Staying proactive by understanding the most common causes of water leaks is essential in helping you avoid these damages to your home.

A Few of the Most Common Reasons for a Leaky Pipe

1)  Older Pipes

Old pipes are much more susceptible to leaks compared to newer ones. Many of these older pipes in homes are made of iron, which can eventually corrode and weaken over time. Upgrading your old pipes with copper or plastic can help extend the lifespan of your plumbing system and avoid costly repair work due to a leaky pipe.

2)  Damaged Seals

A water leak can also happen due to damaged or broken seals. These rubber seals are placed in different areas to connect the pipes to faucets or other types of fixtures. However, these rubber seals will eventually wear out, which causes water to leak near a fixture. Reaching out to a company offering pipe leak repair in Victorville is a good idea if you need an inspection.

3)  Excess Water Pressure

Too much water pressure can also damage your pipes over time. Strong water pressure can even cause your pipes to burst in severe cases. Typically, you should aim for water pressure that ranges between 60 to 70 psi for your home. Anything above 80 psi is too high, and it can cause problems with your pipes.

4)  Changes in Temperature

Temperature changes can result in your pipes expanding or contracting. Rapid fluctuations can damage the pipes and cause a water leak. This issue is common during the winter months, as freezing temperatures can cause cracks in your pipes. Taking the time to insulate your pipes is well worth the effort in avoiding this problem.

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