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No one wants to encounter a drain that is backed up… but did your toilet and tub backing up in your Victorville home can often be avoided with some simple steps?

Here are some things to know that can prevent a major clog and back up.

Sink Hair Trapper (Sink Strainer)

Hair can be a cause of tub and sink backups in many Victorville homes. And while it may seem hard to imagine, over time, hair buildup and can cause some pretty nasty clogs. Luckily, this can be easily avoided with the purchase of a sink hair trapper or strainer. You can purchase this product at most grocery stores or pharmacies.

Basically, they sit in or on your drain and will catch and filter out hair, so it doesn’t go down your drains. Placing a strainer in your bathtub can make a huge difference in the amount of hair that can make its way into your pipes. This little device can save some pretty big headaches and avoid your tub from backing up.

Watch Out for Grease & Food

Similar to hair, another common cause for backups can be from your kitchen drain and sink. Dumping such things as coffee grind, food, and grease and oil can result in some serious backups. Such things as coffee grids are hard to break down and can sit and accumulate in your pipes. Slow grease accumulation can lead to odd smells and cause your pipes and sink to back up.

Be very mindful of what goes down your kitchen sink and invest in a sink strainer so that odd food and crumbs can be easily caught.

Be Careful What You Flush…

Often, a toilet may be backed up because of what has been flushed down it. Other than just toilet paper, you really shouldn’t be flushing anything else down it. While some products may indicate they are flushable (like wipes, face wash pads, etc.), you should be tossing those in the garbage. You might be asking yourself why can’t I flush them? Well, despite what the labeling might say, those items don’t disintegrate and breakdown like toilet paper does, and thus, they can cause a backup in your piping.

So, to be safe, only flush toilet paper and nothing else down your toilet.

We Can Handle Your Toilet and Tub Back Up in Victorville

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